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Kyoto (56)

Vegetarian Restaurants: (53 Listings)

Vegans Cafe and Restaurant
612-0029 Kyoto-shi Fushimi-ku Fukakusa Nishi Uramachi 4-chome 88 ~ PH: 075-6433922
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Organic, Western, Pizza, Japanese--- Additional Info: Vegan restaurant offering food like pizza, soy BBQ rice bowl, soy meat sauce spaghetti, pizza, sweets, organic coffee. Has a English menu. A natural organic store operates on the second floor. Located near famous Fushimi shrine at 612-0029 京都市伏見区深草西浦町4丁目88. Has outdoor seating. Mon-Sat 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm, Sun 11:30am-5:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Ukyo-ku, Kyoto Teranomae-cho, 28-3 ~ PH: 075-463-0221
Expensive-- Vegan, Japanese--- Additional Info: Shoujin ryori (vegan Japanese Buddhist cuisine) and Japanese seating. At JR Hanazono, or Kyoto bus stop before Myoshin 61,62,63. Address: 京都市右京区寺の前町28-3 Mon-Tue 11:00am-7:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Cacao Magic
41-1 Ishibashi-cho Jyodoji, Sakyo-ku (at Imadegawa Street and Shishigadani) ~ PH: 075-757-8914
Moderate-- Vegan, Organic, Raw, Juice bar, Take-out--- Additional Info: The first all-raw all-vegan chocolate boutique and cafe in Japan. Eat-in and take-out. Selection of chocolate, cacao sweets and drinks, snacks, ice cream. Serves lunch plate once a month base; check information at blog or facebook. One zashiki style room facing back garden. Closed for the white day holiday. Cash only. Mon 11:30am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-6:00pm.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Cafe Matsuontoko
538-6 Shijyo Agaru Shinkyougoku Nakanocho Nakagyoku (at Shijo) ~ PH: 075-251-1876
Moderate-- Vegan, Organic, American, Japanese, International, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out--- Additional Info: Vegan restaurant serving burgers, pizzas, pasta, salads and a few Japanese dishes. Serves organic and wine. Also serves cocktails. Non-smoking. Address in Japanese: 538-6 四条上る新京極通中之町中京区. Cash only. Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Choice Cafe and Restaurant
89-1 Sanjo-dori, Ohashi-cho, Higashiyama-ku ~ PH: 075-7621233
Moderate-- Vegan, Western, Italian, Japanese, Take-out--- Additional Info: Cafe and restaurant one block from Keihan-Sanjo subway station. The cafe serves light meals and smoothies (no added sweetener), and a la carte. Courses include fruit enzyme drink, fermented vegan cheese, organic vegetables or fresh organic salad, non-oil soup of the day, brown rice risotto or organic pasta, and main dish made with organic vegetables and fermented food. The desserts are oil-free. No refined ingredients. Brown rice is sprouted before cooked. Mon-Thu 10:30am-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 10:30am-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Cosy Cafe
Tenshojimaecho, 532−2, Nakagyo Ward (at Tamisa Yoga Studio) ~ PH: 075-2120776
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Western, Japanese--- Additional Info: Small vegan cafe and shop on the 2nd floor of the yoga studio Tamisa in central Kyoto, at 京都市中京区天性寺前町532 北原ビル2F. Menu consists of cakes and muffins, coffee drinks, and light meal sets. Mon-Sun 11:30am-6:00pm.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Daitokuji Ikyu
20 Daitokuji Mae, Murasakino, Kita-ku ~ PH: 075-4930019
Expensive-- Vegan, Japanese--- Additional Info: Daitokyu offers vegan Shojin Ryori. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市北区紫野大徳寺下門前町20. Reservations required. Mon-Sun 12:00pm-6:00pm.Lunchbox 12.00-15.00.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Nishiura-30 Gokasho, Uji ~ PH: 0774-320700
Expensive-- Vegan, Japanese--- Additional Info: Traditional Japanese buddhist zen cuisine (shojin ryori). Affiliated with and located opposite the Manpukiji temple and set in a picturesque zen garden. Serves set course meals in the fuccha ryori style. Reservations required. Mon-Wed 9:00am-5:00pm, Fri-Sun 9:00am-5:00pm.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Nishiki-dori, 198-1 (at inside Nishiki Market) ~ PH: 075-231-2516
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Japanese, Beer/Wine--- Additional Info: Kyoto vegan restaurant. Lunch set for around 1000Yen or 1800Yen. Directions: to find Hale in the Nishiki Market, look for the half open glass door next to the sweet shop stall, about 4 stalls before you reach Fuyacho -dori. Address in Japanese 京都府京都市中京区東魚屋町198-1, 〒604-8055. In Nishiki Market arcade, between Tominokoji -dori and Fuyacho -dori, on the north side of the street. Cash only. Tue-Wed 11:30am-3:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

20-13 Oike-cho, Utano, Ukyo-ku ~ PH: 075-4615911
Expensive-- Vegan, Organic--- Additional Info: A home restaurant offering Shojin Ryori. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市右京区宇多野御池町20-13. Reservations required. Mon-Sun 11:30am-7:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Kanga An
278 Karasuma dori, Kita-ku, Kuramaguchi ~ PH: 075-2562480
Expensive-- Vegan, Japanese, Shojinryori--- Additional Info: Temple setting, Shojin Ryori style food, but a special style which is Fucha Ryori. Two days advance booking for party of 2 minimum is required. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市北区小山堀地町38-16 or 閑臥庵 (please let HappyCow know) Mon-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

La Fourchette
1F Sumioka Building, 460 Kinbuki-cho, Oshikouji-dori, Ryogaemachi Nishiiru ~ PH: 075-213-3693
Expensive-- Vegan, French, Organic, Beer/Wine--- Additional Info: Located in the Karasuma-Oike area near Kyoto International Manga Museum, this restaurant serves entirely vegan French dishes using organic vegetables wherever possible. Offers 3 different priced sets (starts from approx. Y4410 up to Y7350). Note that group dining must order the same course option. Reservations required. Mon-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

8-29 Saganohirakichou, Ukyo ~ PH: 075-7772500
Expensive-- Vegan, Organic, Japanese, Fusion, Pizza, Western, Gourmet, Beer/Wine--- Additional Info: Must call at least 3 days ahead as it's not always open. Upscale vegan restaurant minutes from Katabiranotsuji station on the Arashiyama line, or 10 minutes from Uzumasa station on Sanin line. Offers a lunch set consisting of a main dish, salad, and soup for around 2000yen. Main dish choices from pizza, spaghetti, and veggie burger to rice bread gluten-free burger. Dessert costs extra. Reservations required. Accepts credit cards. Cash only. .Call for hours - tell us.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Morpho Cafe
309 Saikachicho (at Kamigyo Ward) ~ PH: 075-4325017
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Japanese, Western, Raw--- Additional Info: Vegan restaurant on Horikawa-dori at the corner of Kamichojyamachi and on the west side of the Horikawa river canal. Offers a large selection of mains, as well as some cakes and desserts, drinks, and set meals. Closes 2nd and 4th Wednesday of month. Mon 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm, Wed-Fri 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-9:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Obakusan Manpukuji Oryukaku
34 Sanbankatsu, Gokasho, Uji ~ PH: 07-52568137
Expensive-- Vegan, Japanese, Buddhist--- Additional Info: Obakusan is the founder of the vegan Fucha Ryori (a vegan Buddhist style of cooking). As a Buddhist temple they cannot serve meat. It is absolutely vegan. Note that the Fucha Ryori includes mock dishes such as mock salmon, etc. It is all vegan Buddhist Temple Food. Flower course, moon course, and more. .-- Rating: Not rated yet

Prunus - temporarily closed
9-4, Kurumamichi-cho, Saga Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku ~ PH: 075-8622265
Moderate-- Vegan, Organic, Japanese, Macrobiotic, Take-out--- Additional Info: Vegan macrobiotic restaurant serving balanced set meals, by-reservation only (call at least 1 day ahead). Located in front of the station. Gluten free menu available. Chef has many years of experience as a macrobiotic cooking instructor and nutritionist. See website for English. Temporarily closed Jan/Feb 2015 for remodeling, please update HappyCow of changes. Reservations required. Cash only. Tue-Wed 12:00pm-4:00pm, Fri-Sun 12:00pm-4:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Ryoanji Yudofu - Seigenin
13 Goryonoshita-machi, Ryoanji, Ukyo-ku (at /off Shimei Dori Rdi, near Gold Pavillion) ~ PH: 075-4624742, 075-4622216
Expensive-- Vegan, Buddhist--- Additional Info: Last order taken at 4:30pm. Named Ryoanji Yudofu (Ryoanji Seven Herb Tofu, in English), because its famous dish is yudofu (boiled tofu with vegetables and seven herbs). The restaurant is inside the Ryoanji Temple area, in the Seigenin building (a minor temple attached to the main temple and situated by the Kyoyoike pond- a 1000-year-old Koi pond). English menu available. Nice food and setting. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市右京区龍安寺御陵ノ下町13. .Call for hours - tell us.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Saishokuan Padma
Kyoto ~ PH: 075-7087707
Moderate-- Vegan, Japanese--- Additional Info: Kyoto-style Japanese vegan restaurant, at 京都府京都市左京区吉田牛ノ宮町25-12. Mon-Sat 11:00am-2:30pm, Fri-Sat 6:00pm-9:30pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

63 Susukinobaba-cho, Saga Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku ~ PH: 075-8611609
Expensive-- Vegan, Japanese--- Additional Info: Serves Tofu Shojin Ryori. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市右京区嵯峨天龍寺芒ノ馬場町63. Closed Wednesday and first Tuesday of the month. It is advised to call ahead before you go to be sure that it's open. Mon-Tue 11:30am-5:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:30am-5:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Kyoto-shi Sakyo-ku Tanaka-Mon-zen-cho 96-2 ~ PH: 075-721-0789
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Japanese, Indian--- Additional Info: Tiny restaurant on the north side of the road east of the Hyakumanben intersection in the Kyoto University and Ginkakuji area. English speaking staff. Relaxing atmosphere. Serves Japanese style lunch and dinner menu (teishoku), Indian curry, and noodles. Previously named Earth Shokudou. Mar 2014 owner reports no egg or dairy used. Cash only. Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-8:30pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Sunny Place
168-2, Hyakumanben (at Imadagawa Higashioji) ~ PH: 075-7117617
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Organic, Western, Japanese--- Additional Info: Casual little cafe serving veggie burgers, set meals, and more. Had closed in Sept then re-opened in in Oct 2012. Address in Japanese is 京都市左京区鞠小路通今出川上ル. Directions: from the intersection (Hyakumanben) go west on Imadagawa, turn north(right) at the first traffic light, walk about a block, and the restaurant is on your right. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市左京区田中大堰町168-2. Mon-Thu 11:00am-3:00pm, Fri 11:30am-10:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Tamisa Yoga Cafe
Teramachi shopping arcade (at Sanjo-dori & Aniyakoji-dori) ~ PH: 075-2120776
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Japanese, Bakery--- Additional Info: Yoga studio, retail space, and vegan cafe. Offers smoothies, quiche, baked goods and muffins. Mon-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Tenryuji Shigetsu
68 SuzukinoBaba-cho, Saga Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku ~ PH: 075-8829725
Expensive-- Vegan--- Additional Info: Vegetarian food (Shojin Ryori) located inside Sogen Garden of the Tenryu-ji temple, Arashiyama. Garden admission fee is 500 Yen. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市右京区嵯峨天龍寺芒ノ馬場68 Reservations required. Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Imadegawa Dori, Sakyo Ward, Kitashirakawa Oiwakecho, 67-7 ~ PH: +81-0757217779
Expensive-- Vegan, Organic, Japanese, Fusion, Beer/Wine--- Additional Info: An organic vegan cafe featuring a menu of mostly Japanese and fusion cuisine plus organic wines and liquor. Uses organic vegetables, grains, and fruits. Rice and salad are ordered separately from mains. Casual atmosphere, near Kyoto University. Tue-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Veggie Cafe
Nishikiinokuma-cho 537, Nakagyoku (at Inokuma dori) ~ PH: 0753663979
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Israeli--- Additional Info: Address 錦猪熊町537京都市中京区錦. Makes chilli bean soup, different types of pita, fries, and a range of drinks. All vegan food. Closed September 2014 month. Has outdoor seating. Cash only. Mon 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-9:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-9:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Cafe Phalam
604-8382 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Nishinokyo Hokuseicho, 24 ~ PH: 075-4964843
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, Western--- Additional Info: Coffee shop and vegetarian cafe serving healthy and fresh vegetable plates and burgers. Also sells vegan desserts and a small variety of take home sauces and spreads. Cozy atmosphere, lots of local papers and books. Good coffee. Has outdoor seating. Mon-Fri 8:00am-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-7:00pm.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Organic House Salute
600-31, Shimogyo-ku ~ PH: +81-753413737
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Organic, Japanese--- Additional Info: Vegetarian restaurant located in a residental alley on Kitsubashi-dori, behind Kyoto Tower hotel annex, at 京都府京都市下京区東塩小路町600−31. 5-minute walk from Kyoto train station. Around US$10 for a set dinner. Mon-Tue 11:30am-7:00pm, Wed 11:30am-2:30pm, Fri 11:30am-7:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-5:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Sake Bar Yoramu
Nijo-dori (at east of Karasuma) ~ PH: n/a
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Japanese, Beer/Wine--- Additional Info: A bar for drinking sake and not a place to eat a full meal. The Israeli owner, Yoram, is knowledgeable about sake and has been serving it out of this tiny bar (seats up to 9) for many years. In addition to the sake, Yoram serves very small plates. He is a vegetarian so you'll see cheese on the menu, but the vegan dishes include Japanese staples like shishito peppers, tofu, and lotus root. Wed-Sat 6:00pm-12:00am.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Kurama Honmachi ~ PH: 7412848
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Japanese--- Additional Info: Located steps below the entrance (gate with the ticket window) of Kurama dera temple, which is a popular day trip from Kyoto. Serves Japanese meals, and has introduce its menu also in English. Mon 10:00am-6:00pm, Wed-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Asian Chample Foods Goya
114-6 Jodoji Nishidacho, Sakyo Ward ~ PH: 075-752-1158
Inexpensive-- Japanese, Vietnamese, Beer/Wine, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Okinawan and other Asian food. Machiya. Please confirm if address is correct and this place should remain listed. Accepts credit cards. Mon-Tue 11:30am-4:00pm, 5:30pm-11:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:30am-4:00pm, 5:30pm-11:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Southwest corner of Sanjo-dori and Higashinotoin-dori, 2nd floor (at Karasuma-dori Main St, opposite post office) ~ PH: 075-2550086
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Organic, International, Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Small cozy modern cafe style. Serves fresh vegetable-based food. Some English is spoken, but bring a language dictionary if you don't speak any Japanese. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市中京区三条通東洞院西入梅忠町28, M&Iビル2F. Name in Japanese: 自然派レストラン びお亭. Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:00pm, Tue-Wed 5:00pm-8:30pm, Fri-Sat 5:00pm-8:30pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Chu Chu
60-11, Kubota-cho, Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku (at City bus 203, Kitashirakawa bus stop) ~ PH: 075-7020511
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Try the beans and veggie curry. Kitchen breakfast 3-6pm. Located at 京都府京都市左京区北白川久保田町60-11. Wed-Sun 12:00pm-11:00pm.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Cocohana Organic Cafe
Hon machi 13-243-1, Higayashiyama-Ku, Tofukuji ~ PH: 075-525-5587
Inexpensive-- Ovo, Organic, Korean , Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Organic cafe in Tofukuji, outside the JR station on main road to Daihonzan Tofukuji temple. It's a food option for temple & garden day trippers. On the menu are vegan suitable items: a bibimbap with sticky rice. Has organic coffees & teas, toast plates, cake and parfait with green tea - possibly with dairy/egg. NOTE: May use fish in miso soup. Please confirm and inform HappyCow. Cash only. Mon-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.-- Rating: 3 HappyCow(s)

Cosme Kitchen Cafe
901 Karasuma Shiokojikudaru, Higashioji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto ~ PH: 075-7465119
Inexpensive-- Vegan-friendly, International, Organic, Italian, Macrobiotic, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Located in JR Kyoto station B2F. Vegan choices such as soy minced meat bolognese, keema curry, millet salads are offered. Drinks include organic tea and coffee. .-- Rating: 3.5 HappyCow(s)

Curry Shop Lue
Kyoto ~ PH: 075-222-0713
Inexpensive-- Vegan-friendly, Japanese, Asian, Fusion, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. A curry restaurant that offers one vegan curry marked on the menu with a carrot. The vegan curry changes and usually is made with kabocha or tomato base. The soup, salad and pickles are also vegan suitable. Address in Japanese 中京区桝屋町325-3, 森田ビル1F. Confirmed open Oct 2013. Cash only. Mon-Sun 11:30am-9:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Earth Kitchen
north side of Marutamachi-dori, east of Kawabachi-dori ~ PH: 075-771-1830
Inexpensive-- Vegan-friendly, Japanese, Fast food, Take-out only, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Take-out counter inside a small natural foods and eco-friendly products shop. Sells freshly-made vegan lunches for take away. Grocery items include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and grains as well items like cleaning products and housewares. Short walk from a large natural food supermarket that's across the bridge on the same street. Mon-Fri 11:00am-7:00pm, Sat 10:00am-6:00pm, Sun 10:00am-4:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Falafel Garden
Kyoto ~ PH: 0757121856
Moderate-- Israeli, Middle Eastern, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Moved from 13-2 Minami-machi, Higashi Muko in Apr 2014. Same Israeli food menu, in Japanese and English, offering falafel, hummus, and Middle Eastern food. Veg items are marked. Separate smoking/non-smoking areas. Last order 30 minutes before closing. Directions: 80m north of the Eiden line exit of Keihan Demachiyanagi station. Address 京都市, 左京区田中上柳町15-2. Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Shimizu-ku, Kyoto Higashiyama 3-342 (at 2nd floor) ~ PH: 0755313015
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Specials includes black or white soybeans cooked into tofu, tempura vegetables, pickled vegetables, and three different forms of tofu. Some English spoken. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市東山区清水3-342. Mon-Sun 11:00am-4:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

inside Daitokuji-cho, Murasakino, Kita-ku ~ PH: 075-4916665
Expensive-- Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Shojin Ryori. Food is supposed to be all vegan but reported uses fish for broth (Sept 2014). One of 3 locations; the other locations do offer fish/seafood. Mon-Sun 11:00am-4:00pm.-- Rating: 3.5 HappyCow(s)

Kitten Company
Karasuma Street, Gojostreet 294-1 ~ PH: +81-753441591
Moderate-- Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Tea house also offering cake and light food. No coffee or smoking. Sells hand-made art. Wheelchair accessible. Mon-Sat 11:00am-7:00pm.-- Rating: 3 HappyCow(s)

Kyoto Cafe Shijo Nishinotoin
701 Shijo-cho ~ PH: 075-361-7771
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Located under Le Myodenji Nishinotoi, this is an 85-year-old machiya converted into a restaurant, cafe, and a relaxation salon on the second floor. Offers food made with fresh locally grown vegetables with some vegan choices. Cash only. Tue-Fri 2:00pm-8:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Kyoto Garden Restaurant Yachiyo
34 Fukuchi Cho, Nanzenji ~ PH: 81-75-7714148
Expensive-- Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Hotel restaurant. Offers one vegetarian dinner course. When calling vegans should specify. Has outdoor seating. Reservations required. Accepts credit cards. Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Gion Ryokaku Bldg B1, 267, Kita-gawa, Gion-Cho, Higashiyama-ku (at 5 minutes from Keihan Gion-shijyo station) ~ PH: 551-6162
Moderate-- Lacto, Indian, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. An authentic Indian restaurant in Kyoto with an entire page of vegetarian main dishes. Basement location, so look for it. .-- Rating: 3.5 HappyCow(s)

Mumokuteki Cafe and Foods
2F, Teramachi-dori (at /near Shijo Teramachi) ~ PH: 075-2296996
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Japanese, Western, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Offers vegan food menu except for fish; note that miso soup reported contains fish stock, Apr 2013. Non-vegan dishes are marked with a fish symbol. Wide selection of food and dessert. Also operates a clothing store in the basement. In the Teramachi-dori pedestrian arcade, between Rokkaku-dori and Takoyakusshi-dori, on the 2nd floor. Looks for its restaurant sign with photos and food prices, on the ground floor. .Call for hours - tell us.-- Rating: 3.5 HappyCow(s)

No 276, Higashinotoin Dori Off, Ayanokoji Dori ~ PH: 075-3512732
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Organic, Japanese, Juice bar, Salad bar, Buffet, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Located close to tourist spot of Shijo Dori. Buffet style with 90% of raw vegetables from own garden. Has many vegan choices. Cash only. Mon-Sun 7:00am-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Okutan - Nanzen
86-30 Fukuchi-machi, Nanzenji, Sakyo-ku ~ PH: 07-57718709
Moderate-- Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. 200 year old famous tofu restaurant. Offers yudofu set meal as well traditional tofu meal Y4,200. Note that fish stock is used to make some of the dishes and soup - so ask. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市左京区南禅寺福地町86-30 .-- Rating: 3 HappyCow(s)

Okutan Kiyomizu
3-340 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku (at Bus stop 100, 202, 206, 207) ~ PH: 075-525-2051
Expensive-- Vegan-friendly, Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. A 200 yr old famous tofu restaurant. Yudofu set meal cost Y3,150; traditional tofu meal Y4,200. Address in Japanese: 京 都市 东山 区 清水 3-340. Reported to use fish sauce for the sauce which is served separate. Serves vegan hot boiled Tofu dishes (Not Tofu Shojin Ryori). Mon-Wed 10:30am-5:00pm, Fri-Sun 10:30am-5:00pm.-- Rating: 3 HappyCow(s)

73 Karasumasanjyo, Nakairu-Okuracho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto ~ PH: 075-2531456
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Korean, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Old Korean style cafe and restaurant near Manga Museum. Has light Korean vegetarian and vegan meals which staff can indicate upon request. Subway Karasumaoike station Exit 6. .Call for hours - tell us.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Sunshine Cafe
5f 5-1 Ishibashi-cho, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku ~ PH: 07-52511678
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Japanese, Bakery, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Previously all-veg but added meat to menu. Veg and vegan choices are clearly listed, and there is a useful picture menu of ingredients, so you could indicate what you do or don't eat. Offers organic teas. Situated above Shakey's in shopping arcade beside Teramachi. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市中京区三条通寺町東入石橋町5−1 5F. Mon 12:00pm-9:30pm, Wed-Sun 12:00pm-9:30pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Shin Puh kan mall (at Karasuma just south of Oike) ~ PH: n/a
Moderate-- Japanese, Western, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Modern version of Kyo Yasai, traditional Kyoto cuisine made with fresh greens and tofu, pizza, smoothies, salads. .-- Rating: Not rated yet

Tofu Cafe Fujino
843-7 Kamiyagawa-cho, Nishi-IRS, Onmae, Imakojidori, Kamigyo-ku (at east of Nishioji-dori) ~ PH: 075-463-1028
Moderate-- Ovo, Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Has English menu with pictures, all dishes are centered around tofu but uses egg in some dishes. Lunch and dinner along with desserts. Clean and modern with prompt service. Japanese address 上京区今小路通御前通西入る. Cash only. Mon-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

38-1,Bisyamonten-Cho, 4 Matubara-Agaru, Higashioji ~ PH: 075-561-0035
Moderate-- Ovo, Japanese, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Tofu restaurant. Traditional Japanese setting. Vegans to specify. Reservations required. Accepts credit cards. Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-8:30pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

95 Tsukita-cho, Sakyo-ku, Maizon Shirokawa 202 (at bus stop Kamihatecho) ~ PH: 075-7123372
Moderate-- Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Serves fish and vegetarian food. All vegan for lunch. Japanese language menu offers vegetarian and vegan dishes, but not the English menu - so ask. Directions: Take bus to Kamihatecho stop in front of the art college, which is at the very northeast edge of the area covered by the all-day bus cards. From there walk north, Village is on top of a ramen place called Tenkaippin, which has moving orange lights around its sign. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市左京区一乗寺築田町95. Tue-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, 6:00pm-12:00am.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Health Food Stores, Vegan Shops, Vegan Bakeries, Vegetarian B&Bs, Veg Catering, Veg*n Organizations: (3 Listings)

Farmers Natural Food Supermarket
south side of Marutamachi-dori , east of Kawaramachi-dori ~ PH: 075-212-6340
Stocks fresh organic produce, prepared foods like tofu and pickled vegetables, soy products, imported packaged grains like oatmeal, muesli and quinoa, fresh baked bread, and traditional Japanese food items such as seaweed, noodles, rice, sauces and spices. Not all veg. Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Kyoto Macrobiotic Style Nakagawa
18 Magohashicho, Niomon-dori Kawabata Higashi-iru, Sakyo-ku ~ PH: 075-7511661
Offers macrobiotic Japanese cooking courses. Its restaurant had shut down in early 2012. .-- Rating: Not rated yet

HARU Cooking Class - Kyoto
Shimogamo, Miyazaki-cho (at Kawaramachi-Imadegawa) ~ PH: 090-42847176
HARU offers vegetarian and vegan cooking lessons, and you eat what you've prepared. Prepare your own lunch or dinner in a tatami room, on a chabudai-table. Learn to make 100% vegetarian gyoza (Japanese style dumplings) and more. Not all veg. .-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

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